Get Your Images With Instagram API and PHP

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Download the script Check the demo

In this script i will show you how you get your Instagram Images with the Instagram api and php with a most simple way, also to create an application for its use, and how to get you access token, see the demo…

In this tutorial we use “http://localhost/instagram/” like a directory, you can change it with where you want it to be

Step One

First step unzip the “” and place under your “localhost” folder

Step Two

Now go to “” and create a new app


In the form make sure to give a name for your application, a description
For the “website” and “OAuth redirect_uri” fill “http://localhost/instagram/”

After submiting the form you will get this


Step Three

Now, we need to retreive the access token, change the adress below with your Client ID and Redirect Uri and open it in your browser

Then you will redirected to instagram app box, click on Authorize
By clicking on Authorize you will be redirected to

Final Step
Go to “index.php” file in your “instagram” directory and replace

$username = 'your username';
$access_token = 'your-access-token';


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  • Maike


    It’s possibre get likes, comments…?

    Thanks 😉

  • fabio zipponi

    I have followed your guide but it doesn’t work. The page don’t give any error but there isn’t any photo. Can you help me?

  • error

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